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Elite Wallet Registration


You did it, spacer. All that grinding… all of those happy hours… it finally got you to the elite realm of Prosperia. 

Ambassadors, Viceroys and Oracles have a special place in Prosperia. Please note that XP that began at the point of you reaching lvl 20 (Ambassador) is what is counted. All XP gained before Ambassador is not counted. Additionally, this is retroactive, meaning those who were already high ranked will also get credit. 

Let’s get your Cardano wallet connected to your Discord username in our database. Please make sure you include your full discord username (not your display name) so we can verify your rank!


DO NOT ENTER YOUR DISPLAY NAME. Look at your actual Discord username and submit it in full as seen in the example. Entering a display name will not help us verify your Discord rank in any way at all.  

VERIFY: After you submit your information you can click the button below to search for your wallet address to verify it’s in the database. 

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