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Fellow Prosperians,

First of all, I want to say THANK YOU to the Prosperian community. This community has been rock solid in standing strong during some challenging times. Also, a huge thanks to Bjorn, Kryptman, Black Tie, Deimos and the rest of the crew for holding on tight while I was out. I seriously can’t thank everyone enough.

This is going to be a long update. I needed to post it here and not discord because I wouldn’t be able to get it all in a single announcement/update due to its length and amount of content needed to be covered. So if you don’t have to time to read it all, consume it all and understand it you can always come back. It will be here for good. And always linked to from the post in the official announcement thread in Discord.

Ok so today is Friday, September 9th of 2022. It’s been a rough six weeks as I haven’t been able to be plugged into Prosperia the way I had previously been (and will be again). I want to explain that a bit. You see, my wife and I own a freight company. We own a small fleet of trucks running refrigerated freight in all 48 lower US states. Traditionally this requires very little of our time. I’m talking like an hour a week at most. When things are going well.

This has been a blessing for the project because we’re basically kind of retired when things are running smoothly. Our company sustains us and allows me to focus on the Prosperian world I’m so passionate about. This is the upside. The downside is things do go wrong from time to time. And unfortunately a lot went wrong at the same time. I had multiple trucks break down. Drivers stranded. A new truck come in much sooner than expected and some other things go sideways that took my full attention.

Needles to say I had to perform a hard pivot and focus on my business. In fact, I still have some work to do. Next week I have to travel back to Missouri to get a driver set up in a truck that the previous driver abandoned. It’s a huge pain in the ass. But it all is kind of starting to work itself back into an auto-pilot scenario.

I know this is incredibly “into the weeds” but I want to make sure everyone understands the complexities I was and am up against in personal life. No ideal, but also not avoidable. Hopefully this brings you up to date on the life side of things.

Now let’s talk about the crypto markets.


Back when we first began to negotiate some of the larger components of Prosperia with external contracted developers (the racing game specifically) Cardano was trading at nearly 1.00 USD. I remember back then even giving ourselves a lot of room for slippage in markets. I think we tried accounting for somewhere in the 15-20% slippage just in case. As we all know… that percentage had its bottom completely blown out.

Our project wallets are holding a ton of ADA, but not nearly enough to account for a loss of 50% of value since the time of original negotiations. I don’t say this to bring about doubt in the community. I say this to be fully transparent so everyone knows where we are and where we’re going. In summary, for the larger components we’re building we just have to sit in a hurry up and wait pattern. It just is what it is. There is nothing I can do about that. Nothing I can do to change it.

The good news is Prosperia is and always has been a long view, patient and well thought out NFT project. Yes, we would love to see some of our larger components happen sooner, but reality is what it is. Fiat AND crypto markets are in shambles. Doesn’t mean we’re waving the white flag. Just means that like everyone else we just have to hold and wait it out.

But there is still so much we can do, and we’re going to do it.


I do have to travel for a week next week for my business, but once back we will be full throttle. Things I aim to accomplish before and after I travel are as follows:


  1. We got “most” of the old stake pool rewards out but there were some that slipped through the cracks. Those should all be completed this weekend.
  2. Kryptman has been an absolute rock star in forging a path forward on NFT staking while I was out. He’s been working tirelessly with the Marsbird Devs to get this all finished up and I’m super stoked to report it’s being tested as we speak. Yesterday I changed the domain DNS they needed for testnet and mainnet and it sounds like it’s going into final testing now. This means Prosperia collections will be able to be staked for $PRSPR rewards imminently.
  3. I’m going through the database and readying the Discord RANK REWARDS for the first drop. The drop will not happen until I get back, but the file will be ready. Meaning that within the next two weeks those who qualify for rank rewards ($PRSPR) will see the first round and it will be TASTY!


  1. ProsperHUB will be going back to the front of the priority line. There are a lot of things happening over at NFTMaker that enhance this interface and experience. So we’re kind of having to take a step back and ensure we’re doing it right. But we’re very close. Here in about 2 weeks there will be a massive update the ProsperHUB market portal giving you a much bigger picture of available collectibles and current rank sheets on all of them. With the goal of opening it up shortly after.
  2. HAB Mint is also on a similar timeline. As a reminder habs for Zeppelin Moon will ONLY be minted for $PRSPR (plus TX fees in ADA). And a MultiPass of any tier is required to mint.
  3. 3D Zepper Collectibles are going to be geared back up and an announcement will come when I get back about the status of this.

Now on to some longer view big ticket items.


STARSHIPS: Some have heard the rumors. A massive collab is indeed in the works. We’re currently in talks with another CNFT project ( you are all very familiar with the project) and while we can’t yet discuss the project we’re talking with, I can say this is going to be epic if we can come to agreement on how to do it. This will be a collab between Prosperia and another “similar” minded project where both projects will bring their artists in to design a fleet of ships for a big mint targeted for the end of the year (November hopefully).

Instead of Prosperia building a collection alone in this tough environment we’ll team up with another big project to bring both communities together with amazing art and powerful co-created lore behind it all. With all assets designed in formats conducive to our long term development objectives.

PROSPERIAN SYNTHS: Prosperian Synths are our flagship collection. They are the identity of Prosperia. They will be the biggest and most important collection we ever mint. With this being the case we cannot take them to mint market in the current crypto climate. Synths will demand a higher mint price and we can’t ask that of our community during these difficult times. Especially when it’s a battle for collections to maintain ongoing secondary value when liquidity is so tight across the board.

So, in essence, expect the Synth mint to be delayed until Q1 of 2023. At the earliest and depending on where the markets are at that time.


We highly recommend everyone watch $PRSPR action on platforms such as Muesliswap, Minswap and others. There is a liquidity pool on MinSwap that is seeing a lot of fun action. As more rewards are dropped and NFT staking kicks into gear, the project held supply of $PRSPR will get smaller and smaller. Which creates a lot of interesting opportunities to play around on exchanges.

Check it all out, grab cheap $PRSPR when you see it and if you feel inclined to do so jump into some LP action here and there when the timing is right.


There are still some questions and answers I haven’t gotten to here, but know they are on the agenda. I’ll have more big updates flowing in the next two weeks addressing a few other important items as I get to them.

Until then please enjoy the fact that we are moving forward, we have big plans and we’re getting back on track where we left off. I need a little more time to iron some things out but this is going to be a path of very exciting times ahead.

Thank you again for understanding the complexities of everything here. Thank you for being patient with me. Thank you for being Prosperians.




  1. Akshay D says:

    Let’s get itttttttt

  2. Xandra says:

    You absolutely do make this feel like a family project, with full transparency. Kudos to you

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