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Major Faction Shifts Happening Across Prosperia

Prosperian society just experienced a phase of significant shifts. An epic economic war broke out as factions fight for economic and political dominance. The war had profound impact across the board and brought about substantial fluctuations in societal infrastructure.

The specifics are as follows:

  • The War Hammer Faction Expanded Zone Control, Economic & Political Influence. The War Hammer Faction is widely considered victorious in the recent economic faction war. While the Peace Keeper faction gained significant ground as well, War Hammer enjoyed the largest increase in power across the colony. War Hammer moved into power in perviously neutral zones 74, 75 and 77. Bringing their total zone control number to 10 zones controlled and represented. War Hammer now holds the most economic and political influence in Prosperia with a 20% grip on overall power.
  • The Peace Keeper Faction Also Expanded Zone Control, Economic & Political Influence. Peace Keepers wrestled their way through the recent economic faction war with a close second place finish, expanding their power into zones 21 and 22. This move gives Peace Keepers control of 9 zones total, expanding their economic and political influence to a comfortable 18%.
  • Gods of Fortune Slipping. The Gods of Fortune faction was previously viewed as a dominant force, but took a beating in the recent economic faction war. Recruitment has slowed and thus the faction saw population totals decrease from 132,000 Prosperians to 119,000. Gods of Fortune are still the largest “chosen” faction by pledged numbers at 17% and are poised to regain footing with some minor changes in strategy. Leadership will need to work on creating/generating more activity within the faction but all signs point to this being underway.
  • Iron Hands and Rebellion Getting Better Organized? Iron Hands are a well oiled machine in terms of faction infrastructure and reports suggest they strengthen by the day. Rebellion is holding meetings to work on activating more pledged members and regroup following their brutal loss in the recent faction war.


  • FEDERATION (DEFAULT FACTION) – 31% = 217,000 Population
  • GODS OF FORTUNE – 17% = 119,000 Population
  • WAR HAMMER – 14% = 98,000 Population
  • REBELLION – 13% = 91,000 Population
  • IRON HANDS – 13% = 91,000 Population
  • PEACE KEEPERS – 12% = 84,000 Population

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