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Mando’s is recognized as the finest small craft transportation builder known to Prosperia. Established in 3295, Mando’s is the oldest privately owned ship builder in the star system. Initially created to provide sleek, modern hyper speed transportation vessels, Mando’s came into its prime as a respected builder just in time for the interstellar war that began in 3301. The company was tapped to develop ships capable of matching the maneuverability and speed of the invading fleet.

Ships built by Mando’s were instrumental in defending against and eventually repelling the invaders. After the interstellar wars ended, Mando’s went on to establish itself as the high end small craft builder known for quality, craftsmanship, trust and integrity.

The company headquarters/corporate builder facilities are located in Zone 41 on Prosperia. It also has franchise builders in Zone 48, on Zeppelin Moon and at Outpost 45 in the Asteroid Belt. Mando’s is the top builder of Zepper Moon Racers and receives a royalty on all races that take place on Zeppelin Moon.

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