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Zeppelin Moon orbits a Gas Giant planet across the solar system from where the Prosperia Starport orbits an Ice Giant. Recent discoveries of substantial palladium deposits in the nearby asteroid belt have initiated an explosion of economic activity. Zeppelin Moon, formerly home to a moonbase, a trading post and a few vacation resorts, now finds itself a highly sought after settlement.


Prosperian government is opening up 5,000 plots for residential development on Zeppelin Moon. The Zeppelin Moon land sale marks the first official transfer of property into private ownership. In addition to residential zoning, the governing alliance has agreed to develop business and entertainment zones to help spur economic activity on the moon.


There are 5,000 residential land plots being mapped out for development on Zeppelin Moon. This is the cap. There will never be more residential zoned land minted on Zeppelin Moon. 5,000 is the supply and that’s it. When minting residential land plots you have:

  • A 70% chance of minting a 1×1 (single size lot for standard residence)
  • A 25% chance of minting a 2×2 (4 plots size lot for grand estate)
  • A 5% chance of minting a 3×2 (6 plots size lot for moon mansion)


In addition to plot/lot sizes, the following land features are being developed on Zeppelin Moon. Proximity to these features play a role on land rarity/desirability.

  • Zeppelin Raceway
  • Epoch Domelake
  • Björn Crater
  • Galaxy View Nature Complex
  • Zeppelin Business & Entertainment District
  • Moonrock BioDome
  • Zeppelin Stardocks


At a TBA date there will be a rare 200 plots minted that are exclusively zoned for Prosperian “in world” business assets, Prosperians owning both a moon-based business as well as land for it to sit on will gain dividends/profit on the business (market making functionality details coming soon). Moon-based business NFT’s can only be acquired using Prosper Coin utility tokens earned/gained through Prosperia utility interaction.

Zeppelin Moon is being developed as a fun and extremely interactive place to invest, trade, socialize, compete and build in the Prosperia world. Make sure you’re following this channel for news and information as it gets released.

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