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Zeppelin Moon Raceway Play 2 Earn Game Scope


ProsperiaCNFT is completing the scoping stages of its highly anticipated play-to-earn gaming utility being imagined for the Zeppelin Moon Raceway. In summary, the game is being designed as a web-based 3D racing environment. The platform utilizes the Cardano blockchain for wallet enhanced social interaction, statistical tracking and NFT integration.

Note: Developer/Studio announcement coming soon!




  • An intuitive and user-friendly web-based blockchain sci-fi NFT gaming application
  • Integration of Prosper Coin interoperability
  • Buy and sell Zepper’s (vehicles) from user dashboard
  • View all owned Zeppers
  • View wallet driven player statistics
  • Interactive tutorials
  • Game modes: (Player vs Engine – Free Play) or PVP (Player vs Player) Weekly & Monthly Heats/Races
  • Select vehicle for race
  • Free Play Modes: PVE Racing and Track Speed Timer (Record Breaking)
  • Tournaments
  • Engine Tuning: Utilize upgrade parts for increase in speeds
  • Guidance System Upgrades: Increase handling with guidance system upgrades
  • Engine Throttle Controls & Braking: Upgrade systems available
  • Damage Shield: Upgrades available to body shields/material for increased health
  • Ramming Power: Upgrades to both front and rear attack power
  • Vehicle Skins: Colors are pre-determined by mint/asset class, but additional skin upgrades are available through reward tiers
  • Vehicle Stats: Brand, model, health/shield, attack power, floor price
  • Custom Name: Player can name Zepper as it is used within the game
  • Explore: View Zepper’s available on secondary market
  • My Profile: View Zepper’s owned and racing history
  • Wallet Balance: View ADA & Prosper Coin balancs


The Zeppelin Moon Raceway can be enjoyed in freeplay mode as well as official PVP races. Official races take place in classes. M1, M2, M3, MX and MZ (ModelX races in MZ class) are the classes of races that take place at the raceway.

Players compete in weekly heats to advance to the weekly race. Heats require a small player/vehicle registration fee of 5 or less ADA. The fees are pooled for monthly tournament prizes. Top performers in each class heats advance to tournament play.

Highest scoring Zepper’s advance to monthly tournaments to compete for trophies and prize pools. Quarterly tournaments are played out for trophy holders.

In addition to standard racing prize dynamics, players also have a chance to gain random airdrops of NFTs and other rewards.


End of 2022.

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