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The official utility token of the Prosperian “in-world” ecosystem is now available through MinSwap and MuesliSwap. The Prosper Coin ($PRSPR) powers all Prosperian economic utility including the ProsperHUB marketplace, in-world asset trading, P2E and more.


Swap Cardano native tokens and ADA for $PRSPR.


Swap Cardano native tokens and ADA for $PRSPR.


$PRSPR Prosper token is a social/utility token developed to operate with a core purpose existing within the Prosperia social ecosystem. Ownership of the token does not in any way, shape or form deliver ownership, revenue share or any other form of income from the project, its parent entity or any member of the project team. There is no promise or claim made of value provided or share in the project. We provide no promise of value beyond utility. Prosperia may make changes at any time to this stated tokenomics governance for any reason it deems it necessary to do so. 

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